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​Buried Alive

This song is by Deceit Taken.

In the plain lands where all the grass weeps
There used to be bushes and the tree leaves
For nothing but for a rich snob to be pleased
And the yellow skys that used to be blue
Is where the poison rest in front if you
Ice melting in the north and south
Leaving the polar bears to move and powt
Till the city cars on streets take route

Buried alive under ashes and oceans
From the East to the West
Is where people lose their breath
From the thick of fumed fog
And something so wrong

Turining up the volume of the TV
Something so intense to see
Desease in the air and homeless without food
For the torments of something so rude
**** The government and there help
They help nothing not even welps
We'll show them the pain everyone else felt

Amen Amen (RPT till songs done)

Buried alive
Today is the day I die
Because of the worlds new lie
The one that holds poison
That's the reason
The trash decaying the ground
And the new soul-less bodys that are found
Never again is the world safe and sound