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​Bottom To Top

This song is by Deceit Taken.

Struggling to get there but it's just so hard
But no matter how hard I try it's still so far
How I wish I could take a rest
But it's always better to be the best

Climbing and climbing just to get thought
But no matter how far it is it's hard to get on top
~Tension inside me
~Taking in over side me
~Slipping out of the determination
Bottom to top
Taking all of the stops
Just slows me down
Making me just fall right back down

These things don't make sense
On how it's like there's an invisible fence
The way I break through it's just so hard
To get to that point that's just so far

Climbing and climbing just to get thought
But no mater how far it is its hard to get on top
Taking out all the loss
Getting going all out on top
Making all of this
Come into the riss
Of finding my path
To get on top of this

Trying not to get away
Focused on the determined ways
But when you slip just like that
It's all gone
It's all gone
All Gone

Take all the FEAR
And throw it out of HERE
Until the dawn come up and whatnot
And you make to the top