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The Hanging Soldier

This song is by Deceased and appears on the album Supernatural Addiction (2000).

Between life and death there is something more that each of us will view,
And when the moment is right for your death to arrive,
Then it will come looking for you,
And as in this tale to follow now it's never too late to die,
For the story of what did happen to one may truly twist your mind,

Clutched within the hangman's noose a man swings in the air,
For in the grip of total war death is quick and most unfair,
For on the grounds of northern state sat the southern man to die,
With a choking rope placed 'round his neck he enters into his mind,

Run, run! Runaway you want innocence and life,
Far, far faraway you must leave this place or die,

He prayed for all his loved ones and that God would bring him home,
As the hangman sneered and watched him suffer,
He knew his time and come,
But he found himself now falling down to the water that sat below,
For the rope had snapped and cheated death,
Giving him a chance to run,

So run, run! Runaway back to innocence and life,
Far, far faraway from this place you were to die,

You are the hanging soldier the one who cheated death,
By name the hanging soldier alive, but will it last?

You are the hanging soldier answered prayers have set you free,
By name the hanging soldier but a false world's what you see,

Eyes seeing sights... of peace not war,
Dying processed mind... it slowly fails you,
Sights seeing lies... of peace not war,
Dying processed sights, hallucinations! The man has died!

Yes it is sad how the story does end,
As we return once again to the noose,
For from a dangling rope with a neck that is broke,
Was the soldier who died all too soon!

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