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Frozen Screams

This song is by Deceased and appears on the album Supernatural Addiction (2000).

Frozen screams and lasting fear are living in her head,
For in her mind the horror lies from a meeting with the dead,
She tells her story without a doubt while under doctor's care,
Is it mental illness maybe lies or just the creepy truth?

It all began with a romance lost two worlds that did collide,
The wish for urgence to the grave brought murder into his mind,
With a mistress waiting for his touch with pleasure he'll take her life,
An axe in hand he chopped the body of an aging, nagging wife,

Listen for the frozen screams they are out there somewhere,
Ready waiting to be heard by those who do believe,

Into a freezer he placed the corpse now bagged and stored like meat,
Her head and torso torn apart the hands, the legs, the feet,
Without remorse he now prepares to leave this all behind,
He sits and waits his lover's call to secretly arrive,

But his wife belonged to voodoo and the story took a turn,
With sweet revenge his life was lost by her dead and broken corpse,
Without a warning his lover crept into the horror house,
She searched for him most everywhere then came amongst his corpse,

The mistress's mind was pouring out but terror was not complete,
For all around her possessed limbs came rabid for her life,
With the axe he used to kill her once she swung to stop the bones,
But on her throat the grip of death was quickly taking hold,

She chopped at limbs one thousand times and fell into a trance,
This final vision of that night still lives inside her head,

In asylum now she sits alone with a story unbelieved,
There was no body of a woman found only a strangled man,
Deep down inside there is the truth but others they see guilt,
Around her doctors find her world insane without a doubt,

Frozen screams, listen for frozen screams...

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