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Morbid Savouring Of The Sadistically Gutted

This song is by Decay and appears on the album Gutting (2001).

Mummified in the wire of flesh
Severed, torn, smashed body
Internal organs punctured
Eaten alive, from inside

Cannibals ripping through the flesh
Ruthlessly tearing for the intestines
Vulgarly tormenting act of carnality
Skin torn away, mutilated in lust for blood

Stomach wide open, entrails removed and consumed
Vermin settle in, the blood is seeping
Soon feeding, pus leaking

Consciousness in ritual of cannibals
Skinned alive, flesh tearing thorns and razors,
Defleshed - paralyzed in disgust
Remains will be eaten by a cannibal family

Skin bruised and blood drenched, vulgarly tormented
Stomach is slit open, cut
Entrails pulled out, eaten
Oxidized chainsaw - sawed in half
Savoured with urine

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