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Remember My Forgotten Man

This song is by Deborah Holland and appears on the album The Panic Is On: Songs From the Great Depression (1997).

I don't know if I deserve a bit of sympathy
Save your sympathy
That's all right with me

I was satisfied to drift along from day to day
Till you came and took my man away

Remember my forgotten man
You put a rifle in his hand
You sent him far away
You shouted "Hip-hooray"
But look at him today

Remember my forgotten man
You had him cultivate the land
He walked behind the plow
The sweat fell from his brow
But look at him right now

And once he used to love me
I was happy then
He used to take care of me
Won't you bring him back again?

'Cause ever since the world began
A woman's got to have a man
Forgetting him, you see
Means you're forgetting me
Like my forgotten man


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