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Where Do We Go From Here

This song is by Deborah Cox and appears on the album Deborah Cox (1995).

when you're in love
somethings you take for granted
until someone
pulls it apart
and leaves you with half of your heart
how do I trade
the best I have for less
without giving more
should I slowly accept
that we'll be no more than just friends

how do I know
when to let go
I know what I'm feeling inside
but part of me still wants to try

so tell me where do we go from here
why's my heart filled with so much fear
when all that you are
is all
I need and more...

there's no winning game
the battle's just begun
I know it's over
but I still feel the same
you'll always remain number one
cause letting go
has hurt me so much
I know what I'm feeling inside
but part of me still wants to try

Chorus3x and fade...

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