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Bring Back The Sun

This song is by Debelah Morgan and appears on the album Dance With Me (2000).

Verse 1
How am I supposed to live alone
When I need you love to carry on
How will I make it through the night
Without your love will the morning ever come

Bring back the sun
Bring back the morning to my life
Bring back your love
So I can make it through the night
Withot your love will the morning ever come
I need to feel it
So I can make it
Baby bring back your love

Verse 2
Why is it so cold here on the gorund
And why is the darkness all around
Please bring back the light into my life
I'm so afraid I won't make it through the night


If our love was a dream
Then I wanna sleep forever
I wish I oculd dream myself
back into your arms
Bring back your love
Bring back the sun
I need your love to be strong


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