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Taken By You

This song is by Debbie Gibson.

You can do no wrong
Baby all you have to do is
be yourself from the (?)
It's here in the sun
Can't you hear my (?)
My heart's going out to yours
I feel you in my arms
I touch your lips in my mind
And in my dreams we're always together

I'm so taken, taken by you
Oh baby touch me
I'm shaken through and through
And I'll never rest easy
Til your heart is all mine
They say that love is blind
Baby forget all you've heard
I'm not fakin', I'm so taken
so taken by you

I'm all heart and soul
I lose all my strength to you
( ? )
And all the words I heard about my fallin' too
Do not (replan), my friend
I can't help feeling all emotions
'Cause right now my life depends on how you feel
So please say you love me


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