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Losin' Myself

This song is by Debbie Gibson and appears on the album Body, Mind, Soul (1992).

Lost all reality, you've really got a hold
Turned myself over to you body, mind and soul
It might seem crazy and though I'm in over my head
Got no direction and my world is spinnin' round
Feel like I'm risin' up and never comin' down
A million people talk but I don't hear a word they say

Don't know what to do/nothin' I can do
I'm losin' myself over you
(And it hurts me so right)
Can't deny it's true
You know I couldn't fight it baby even if I wanted to
I'm losin' myself...over you

Love like the ocean feel it rushin' over me
You are the treasure that I've searched for desperately
The tide it races in, it's pullin' me out to the sea...
You're my celebration boy, the reason I exist
I feel a hundred lifetimes deep within your kiss
Don't say a word just hold me close
I hear your heart talkin' to me...


And when the darkness came
You washed away the pain
You can do anything when it comes to me
I won't hold back
I wanna know no shame
Take me away in the sky...

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