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Faith And Fire

This song is by Debauchery and appears on the album Continue To Kill (2008).

I will cut you fucking Up
I will bit you fucking down
I will fuck you fucking up
Then let you fucking drown

I kill your friends and
Kin and cut you up
I hang you high then
Let you fucking drop
You will get a hammerblow
To your spine
That's what you deserve
You fucked up swine
I cut your legs off -
Feed them to the maggots
All the while you pray
To your false god
I rip the eyes out of
Your fucked up skull
That's your reward for
Plotting my downfall

Come over here
And I will kill you
Your mother, all your
Kin and friends too
Your wife anal
Raped and fucked
After that I want
My dick sucked
Your suffering
Gives me pleasure
It will not be as funny
As some teenie slasher
You will scream
And sob and cry
But in the end
You will just die

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