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This song is by Debauchery and appears on the album Continue To Kill (2008).

Coming to this town - Another killer
Coming to slay all the small town
Live to kill, Enjoy the Madness
Mutilation - It's Debauchery, no less

Motherfucker I am here to kill, you die
I don't care about your fucked up lies
Yeah, I am like a fucked up rebel
I am on tour, time to trouble

I'm born to kill, born for torture
My business is death and murder
I am bringing the final breath
With my iron tools of death

I fuck your girlfriend doggy-style
I know, it will raise your bile
After she has sucked my dick
I will break her neck with a sidekick

I will maim her cunt and cut her tits off
Cut her fucking tits off
Yeah bitch

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