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Butchered Zombies

This song is by Debauchery and appears on the album Kill Maim Burn (2003).

Zombies will stalk the land
Battle is waiting, we want to see death
Skulls crushed with the hammer
People slaughtered, killed butchered
Screaming children crying, dying
Halfcrushed faces of the dead
Rotten legions of living corpses
Carcass, corpse, rotten bitches
Butchered zombies
We are the living
The day will come
When the dead walk
Outnumbering the living
Legions strong
Eternal carnage
Bloodbath, slaughter
Plague infected victims
Feed on their kin
Tormented earth
The corpse playground
Reanimated bodies, meat puppets
Cadavers, mutilated, ripped apart
Form up in the legion of the dead
Butchered zombies
We are the living

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