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Kill Maim Burn (2003)Edit

Debauchery - Kill Maim Burn
Kill Maim Burn
  1. Kill Maim Burn
  2. For God, Emperor And Fatherland
  3. Hordes Of Chaos
  4. The Fall Of Gondolin
  5. Butchered Zombies
  6. The Final Battle
  7. Insane Human Butchery
  8. Slaves To Darkness

Rage Of The Bloodbeast (2004)Edit

Debauchery - Rage of the Bloodbeast
Rage of the Bloodbeast
  1. Blood For The Bloodgod
  2. Chainsaw Masturbation
  3. Rage Of The Bloodbeast
  4. Devourer Of Worlds
  5. Killing In The Warzone
  6. I Will Rape And Murder
  7. Armies Of Immortals
  8. The Hellspawn
  9. Ritual Killing
  10. Wargrinder
  11. Take My Pain

Torture Pit (2005)Edit

Debauchery - Torture Pit
Torture Pit
  1. Torture Pit
  2. Butcherman
  3. Debauchery Bloodpack
  4. Cumming And Killing
  5. Vitality Of Decay
  6. Death Metal Warmachine
  7. Horrors Of War
  8. Meat Grinder
  9. War And Glory - Guts And Gore
  10. Gore Obsessed Murderers
  11. Carnival Carnage
  12. Klan Of Killers
  13. Cult Of Gore
  14. Decadent Depravity Of The Dead
  15. Blood For The Blood God (Pussy Version)

Back In Blood (2007)Edit

Debauchery - Back in Blood
Back in Blood
  1. Lords Of Battle
  2. Baptise This World In Fire
  3. Praise The Blood God
  4. Back In Blood
  5. Masters Of The Killing Art
  6. Butcher Of Bitches
  7. Death Metal Maniac
  8. Manhunting
  9. Alcohol Fueled Brutality
  10. True To The Skull Throne (And Bound To Kill)
  11. Storm Of Iron

Continue To Kill (2008)Edit

Debauchery - Continue to Kill
Continue to Kill
  1. It Pleases Us To Kill
  2. Blood God Rising
  3. Continue To Kill
  4. Faith And Fire
  5. Hard Rockin'
  6. Apostle Of War
  7. Worship The Violence
  8. King Of Killing
  9. Angel Of Death
  10. Warfare
  11. Cuntkiller
  12. Mincing Machine
  13. Metal On Metal
  14. Walking Glory Road

Rockers & War (2009)Edit

Debauchery - Rockers & War
Rockers & War

Disc One: War

  1. There Is Only War
  2. Primordial Annihilator
  3. Honour And Courage
  4. Savage Mortician
  5. Killing Ground
  6. Wolves Of The North

Disc Two: Rockers

  1. 3 Riff Hit
  2. New Rock
  3. Hammer Of The Blood God
  4. Demon Lady
  5. Rocker

Other SongsEdit

  1. Armies Of Immortals

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