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Stoneage 2k

This song is by Debase and appears on the album Domination (2001).

We burn the candle in both ends,
We punish women in the name of god.
Armageddon is closer than ever
We burn villages, we kidnap and rape
We destroy the ocean pumping out poision
So the jungle is dead, we fuck with nature
Hunt by the hunter, Shot by the sniper
Bang, bang we're dead

Is this the beginning, Of the end
Sleeping well on a nuclear bed,
So dream well brother, And we'll see you in hell

We are fanatics to the bitter end,
We're killing whales testing chemicals on monkeys
But who are the monkeys, We or them
Are you felling pretty with the lipstick say
Is your eyes bleading as they do on the cats
The cats that are trapped but who is trapped
Hunt by the hunter, Shot by the sniper...

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