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This song is by Deb Talan and appears on the album A Bird Flies Out (2004).

You tie your shoes too tight, you know
Cause it feels better that way.
And when you don't, all night you are dreaming
You walk, laces streaming down the street behind you.

A river of tangled string
You are unraveling
And no one else seems to mind.
You keep it to yourself, stay numb and act fine.
You wear the truth under your sole, like a pebble
It makes you limp and sway
But it will out someday.

Take it from me it is no use
Washing your hands so often they are clean and cracked.
You never get your old skin back
Once you have loved like that
You're a river of tangled string...

He is inside you, he loved your marrow.
You think you could cut him out with a knife
If you went deep enough
I don't think so.
Maybe sing him back to living
'Cause he might rise like a snake in a basket
Or he may close his eyes
And wait till his life is a full-fledged casket, floating on
A river of tangled string...


Written by:

Deb Talan

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