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Two Points

This song is by Deb Talan and appears on the album Sincerely (2001) and on the album A Bird Flies Out (2004).

She said "it's a shame about the weather
Nothing for the blues when the sky goes gray".
He said, "I don't love you anymore".
Then he kissed her anyway.

"I'm starving here", she sighed.
"Maybe we could try
You get so crazy when you drink".
He said, "see those leaves there
Moving like a thousand hands?
I'm beginning to think
We can't take it like this".

And he's gone missing.
Another heart skitters away over broken words.
She is crying in advance
While he is doing his dance
To go and stay at the same time.
She says, "Any two points can make a line
But I know I can never make you mine."

Why's it get so complicated
When two people make love?
"I wish I were a bird" she said.
"So you could fly away?"
"No. So we could be together
With no thoughts of yesterday."

And she's gone missing...

Written by:

Deb Talan

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