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This song is by Deb Talan and appears on the album A Bird Flies Out (2004).

He said, "Go 'round the back way".
He said, "Avoid the road more traveled."
He said, "Hold tight to your smile
When it's dark outside, and you so fragile.
You won't see the ground
But it will rise beneath.
You are steady on your feet
Until it hits you in the teeth."

You will know it when you've gone too far;
Your sight grows dim and narrow.
You cannot see the stars above you.
They love you in their far away way.
They ask you, sincerely, to stay.

She said, "Look up, once in a while."
She said, "Remember things that always remain;
Blossoms in the Spring, birds remember to sing
And you will do the same."
Buildings hurtle by the train as you ride.
You don't know where, you don't know why.
All you can do is dry your eyes, cry like a little child.
Sometimes it takes a while to be born.


Written by:

Deb Talan

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