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​Evolve To Extinguish

This song is by Deathwork and appears on the EP Evolve To Extinguish (2005).

The world fall in oppression
Ripped by the human imprudence
It's an endless process of self-destruction
The future of humanity is extinguish...

(Solo Rick)

Entrust your life to technology
Living in the scorn of this earth
Paying to finance the growing progress
Feeding sickness and poverty

It's a bullet ride with no return
Our souls are gonna burn
We create the perfect sample of man
But we're headed straight to the end

Silent screams resound all around
Iron tears shed by artificial eyes
Old sensations come back
To rape our minds
We evolve to extinguish
Polluting our destiny

So unarmed, useless but fucking guilty
Slaves of a global power
No one future is sure
In the darkend dawn of new millennium

Breathing the poison that's in the air
Radiations spread their disease
The atmosphere burns
From the birth we will die

(Solo Luigi)

Entrust your life to technology
Drowning ever more in the scorn of this earth

We're evolving to die!