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Synthetic Generation (2002)Edit

Deathstars - Synthetic Generation
Synthetic Generation
  1. Semi-Automatic
  2. Synthetic Generation
  3. New Dead Nation
  4. Syndrome
  5. Modern Death
  6. Little Angel
  7. The Revolution Exodus
  8. Damn Me
  9. The Rape Of Virtue
  10. Genocide
  11. No Light To Shun
Limited Edition Bonus Tracks
  1. White Wedding (cover of "White Wedding" by Billy Idol)
  2. Our God, The Drugs

Termination Bliss (2006)Edit

Deathstars - Termination Bliss
Termination Bliss
  1. Tongues
  2. Blitzkrieg
  3. Motherzone
  4. Cyanide
  5. The Greatest Fight On Earth
  6. Play God
  7. Trinity Fields
  8. The Last Ammunition
  9. Virtue To Vice
  10. Death In Vogue
  11. Termination Bliss

Night Electric Night (2009)Edit

Deathstars - Night Electric Night
Night Electric Night
  1. Chertograd
  2. Night Electric Night
  3. Death Dies Hard
  4. Mark Of The Gun
  5. Via The End
  6. Blood Stains Blondes
  7. Babylon
  8. The Fuel Ignites
  9. Arclight
  10. Venus In Arms
  11. Opium

The Perfect Cult (2014)Edit

Deathstars - The Perfect Cult
The Perfect Cult
  1. Explode
  2. Fire Galore
  3. All the Devil's Toys
  4. Ghost Reviver
  5. The Perfect Cult
  6. Asphalt Wings
  7. Bodies
  8. Temple of the Insects
  9. Track, Crush & Prevail
  10. Noise Cuts
Bonus tracks on limited digipack edition
  1. All the Devil's Toys (8-Bit Version)
  2. Explode (Remix)
  3. Temple of the Insects (Remix)

Other ReleasesEdit

  1. Black Medicine
  2. Razor End

Additional information

Years active:
  • 2000-present
Band members:
  • Andreas "Whiplasher Bernadotte" Bergh – vocals
  • Eric "Cat Casino" Bäckman – guitar
  • Emil "Nightmare Industries" Nödtveidt – producer, guitars and keyboards
  • Jonas "Skinny Disco" Kangur – bass and backing vocals
  • Ole "Bone W. Machine" Öhman Wikipedia16 – drums
Former members:
  • Erik "Beast X Electric" Halvorsen – guitar
Related artists:
Record labels:

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