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Death's Reign (Human Futility)

This song is by Deathspell Omega and appears on the album Infernal Battles (2000).

A vaste void, darker than black
And colder than Satan's Wrath...
A long path behind, full of hate
Full of despair, it was the way of the strong
Feared by many, respected by few
The warlord stands proud, his blood covered sword in hand

Suddenly, light and warmth...
Is it an illusion?
"Who dares to cross my path?"

A feeble creature yet so strong
Stands on the way to Hell
Pitiless, the warlord holds his sword high
But doubts arise...
An attack by treachery
He stumbles and falls, though no wound can be seen
The cold of his glorious past, oh... it hurts
The future strikes hard in silence
Memories stab him down, the fear gets overwhelming
Who knows the difference between fate and wishes, between truth and lies?
Doubts kill him many times
Yet he can not die, for he is Satan's child
He stands up with Darkness' help, marked by defeat
A vicious smile : revenge will come with the reign of Death

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