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​Take The Powder Back

This song is by Deathsemane.

Clean that shit up! Urgh!

Yeah, everyone's successfully put baking powder into the test tube but not me
I was talking with my friend and I knocked the damn thing over
Now clean this up... urgh!

I cup the mess with my hands
I carefully try to scoop the stuff up
I hope the teacher doesn't see

"Oh shit", he's looking this way
"Quick, snort it up!" and he's like
"No, are you insane? I'm coke only, man, sXe"
And now he walks towards us as I lean over the mess
And my mind feels rather naughty
So I blow it in his face!
Yo, we gotta take the powder back!

(Wait, that sounded more like The Beastie Boys than Rage Against The Machine)