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​Styrofoam Grave

This song is by Deathreat.

It's not the prepackaged shrink wrapped
Torture soaked flesh and bones that you eat
It's not the blood down the drain from a styrofoam grave
Or the pain and anxiety that you intake
It's not your misunderstandings about human teeth
Or all that you know about protein
It's the fact that you scream for change and human rights
And for politicians to wash their hands clean
When you can't keep the blood off your own
And it makes me want to stangle you
And put you in a cage of your own piss and shit
Because you can't claim ignorance as an excuse
And even as you tighten the bolt on that government sanctioned death machine
Millions starve to death
As your rightful meal was fed to theirs
As you intake their steroids
And as you feed on their pain
Remember how you used to say
Meat is murder
Pain is pain

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