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Someone After You

This song is by Deathray and appears on the album Deathray (2000).

You might be paranoid, you might be rich
You might have a hidden camera in your shoe
When you come around, sit me down
And tell me life's a bitch
Cause you know there's always someone after you

It might be fire or it might be smoke
Either way it's such a complicated view
Is this the way the best line
Of your story always goes
When you know there's always someone after you

You come around that freaky sound
Of ropes breaking and satellites crashing on down
And all the spies with radar ties
Are hiding outside

You know who you can trust and you know who's telling lies
You know that if it's false it must be true
You notice that I've got a funny gleam between my eyes
And you know there's someone always after you

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