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Rites Of Desecration

This song is by Deathevokation.

The Prophecy prevails as Horror strikes. Beyond the Halls of Madness lies the Cast of Doom
Deep within the Shrines of Heavens subsists a Rotten and Foul Decay
The Prophecies create infinite Madness, a Flare in the Realms of the Obscure
The Streams of the Dead are running Black, crossing the Rites of Desecration

Grotesque Blessings for a Mechanical Breed, Sacred Rites for the Doomsday of the Gods
The Collapse of our Civilization is now at Hand, stirred out of an Ancient Detestation
The Prophets lead the Forces of the Gods, a Suffering Pest of Eternal Domination

As our Gates fall to the Enemy, we hear the Morbid Prayers of the Bizarre
Verocious Fear in the Hearts of the Innocent fuels this senseless Onslaught of Terror

Inveterate Screams of Anguish and Pain, Chaos will forever roam the World
A Terror unbeknown beyond Tombs of Horror
The Abyss of Blackness will devour us in Whole, a Revelation of Diabolic Banishment
A vortex of profound Evil
These are the Rites of Desecration, this is the War of Civilizations

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