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The End Begins Again

This song is by Deathboy and appears on the album ToRights (2008).

These walls are paper thin
And I'm feeling underneath it all
I'm falling out and in
This larger life now feels so small
There is no easy way
This hurt it hurts me every time
I don't know what to say
I'm twisted up and can't unwind

(Gentlemen! this man needs help)

I shout your name from here
You shut me down and close the door
I should be fine in here
I've died a thousand times or more
I've loved in silent smiles
These words are heavy on my back
I've walked for miles and miles
It suffocates so just relax

You run away from it
A screaming heart that makes no sound
Can't make the pieces fit
I cry when there's no one else around
If I could find some light
My friends might understand my soul
If I could make it right
I'd put back everything I stole

(Amazing that brain can generate enough power)

And is this all I need?
The simple life I led before
But now I'm on my knees
With all the ghosts I can't ignore
They sit and sing with me
A battered anthem from my youth
Bleeding a symphony
A stubborn hope I can't refuse

The end begins again
I'm burning up to blind my eyes
The end begins again
I live the night till something dies
The end begins again
I'm crawling round got caught inside
The end begins again
I found the dream and lost my mind

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