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This song is by Deathboy.

Will you stay?
Despite what everybody's certain to think
When the milk has got too sour to drink
Will you let me pour another one?

Oh, it seems
As though we're running out of to rubbish to say
But we still talk about it every day
I used to think I was the only one

Can we ride?
I seen your sister round the cenotaph
She's in the market for a sociopath
I said 'hi', she said 'don't make me laugh'
She knows

Well, ain't she
Just a ray of fucking sunlight?
We pull our gloves on and we go out to fight
I bet she thinks about him every night
Well, I would

Look at me
Charismatic with the microphone
We keep our distance cause our kind tell their own
Fingers blister because 'cause I'm holding this
Too tight

They call time
Finish drinks and then we couple up
Sharing fluids like we give a fuck
And I'm back just where I'm comfortable

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