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This song is by Deathboy.

Introverted and obscene
She covers scars in neoprene
Never quite a beauty queen
She walks the world half in a dream

Overwhelmed and quite erratic
She finds the message in the static
Always strangely in demand
She only wants to hold your fucking hand

All the time I tried to be
A better human than you see
The creature that I have become
I tried so hard but I am weak

I hate the thing I turned into
I hated me, now I hate you
I am the missing operand
I only wanted to hold your fucking hand

Pretty little girls in a pretty little world
Singing along to the same recycled
Popular sensibilities
Nothing that she could connect to

Sugar and spice and all things right and
Wrong and nobody ever took the time
To ask if this was how
She wanted her own universe to be

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