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Safety In Numbness

This song is by Deathboy.

You. Take a step away.
So perfect, and you only tell the truth.
When you need an example
Of what happens when you lie
Point your finger
And say that I'm the proof

Always came easy to you
Well, I'm too far along now
So tell me
What should I do?

And tell me:
Is there safety in numbness?
Do you find
You can hide
Inside your ignorance?

Safety in numbness
It doesn't feel right
My thoughts collide
With your disfigurement

Safety in numbness

Your reputation beyond question
While mine lies battered and bruised
You minister to your congregation
I hang my head and look at my shoes

Always came so easy to you
But when the answer doesn't fit
The question
What do I do?

Tell me:
Is there safety in numbness?
Do you find
That you can hide
Behind your innocence?

Safety in numbness
I can't abide
This servile obedience

Safety in numbness

They hang off all your opinions
Taking warmth from the flames behind your eyes
And if there's doubt among your minions
I'll take a bullet
I'll be your sacrifice

I don't believe
That it's been so easy for you
And the next time you judge me
Or push me
I'm turning on you

Don't tell me that there's
Safety in numbness

You're dead inside
And all your pride
Has lead to impotence

Mask your discomfort
Convenient lies
At least I'm mine
Don't need your deliverance

How could you become this?
All we held high
Has lost its significance

Safety in numbness?
I'd sooner die
Eyes open wide
I don't ask for your forgiveness

Safety in numbness
No safety in numbness
No safety in numbness

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