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This song is by Deathboy and appears on the album ToRights (2008).

I've got a right end
And a wrong one
It's been a long time
Since we got some

Kinda spite-fuelled
I got along once
I'm not a person
I would recognise

I am erasing
The all-pervading
I'm Masqerading
As a person

I'm a projectile
Of nothing worthwhile
I don't function
Unless I hurt some

I am a machine gun
I am the obscene one
Got nothing to give
No reason to live
Just keep shooting
Till it all falls down

I am a machine gun
I'll never believe no one
I'm just another fucking reason
Why the only way to live
Is to kill someone

I am a weapon
I am a tool
I had a reason
I am a fool

I'm under pressure
From everyone
I'm an excuse
For what I've become

I am the fallout
I am the bomb
I try crawlout
From the explosion

Always thought that
I was the one
Guess you showed me
I'm all done

Standing over this pit
I know I'm going to dive
Can't get over this shit
Can not stay alive

I put nothing inside you
Except lead
And there's no place to hide
Because it's all dead

Rest your finger on the safety catch
Become something you're not
Drop the bullet into the glass
Throw back the shot

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