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Low Resolution Hero

This song is by Deathboy.

I caught society
I need antibody
An antihystomine
For my propriety

Put this inside of me
They're just insighting me
They're just exciting me
You're only fighting me

And I wanna be
And I wanna feel
And I wanna see
And I wanna kill

So you make me burn
But I can't sever
I'll wrap my arms round you
We'll burn together

I am the one
I am the zero
I am your low resolution hero

It's all too much for me
Too much to recognise
Well I'm inside your eyes
I'm inside your eyes

I'm inside of you
Can't get get away from me
Can't get away from you
Cuts that'll take me through

And I wanna deify
And I want us all to fly
And I'll fly away from you
And you can't make me die

So you make me hard
And you make me tingle
And you make cough up my lungs
I'll make you single

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