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This song is by Deathboy.

My inspiration hits
At inconvenient times
Making me commit
These inconvenient crimes

A shining inner light
Brings calmer insights
I feel illuminated
Straight from my insides

I sing a dedication
And change my medication
I need my taste buds back
My lungs were turning black

I get to know myself
Hopefully not too late
I can rebuild myself
And rehabilitate

I put my makeup on
I don't like my reflection
They watch me cross the line
I make a bad impression

You say I'm sleazy, boy
Like I don't know myself
Your hands aren't where they should be
You need to check yourself

This devastation cries
Like words inside my tummy
She mixes bitter drinks
They make her feel funny

I change my path and leave
Pile in the cab and get home
Pull down the black-out blinds
You need to leave me alone

She talking bigger plans
Got room for more than this
Sulk in the metal cave
Led lights, familiar bliss

We drink until it dies
Or we do better still
Nocturnal samurais
Another night to kill

We singing battle rhymes
Over your platitudes
We pushing softly by
And past your attitudes

Used to be bottled up
Dysfunction formalised
Sold cheap as broken pieces
Apologies and lies

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