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This song is by Deathboy.

Cup our hands to catch the blame
Feel left out if there's no shame

Well, I guess I came to London
'Cause no one knew my name
Sick of working overtime
Writing stupid games

A place I'd heard romanticised
In Pet Shop Boys songs
The city knows no favourites
I could do no wrong

Sometimes I talk the wrong words
Sometimes I kiss the wrong birds
And hit the floor
Without ever falling down

Sign a figure of hate
Focus on the wrong man
You run around in circles
Catch yourself if you can

Throw toys into the void
Wait until they make a sound
Insecure and paranoid
And never coming down

I'm not a proper person
You don't dream like me
I'm not like normal people
You don't have to believe

It really doesn't matter
You say that I'm the same
Watch the snow-globe shatter
Lose the pieces in the rain

Ignorance is bliss
That much is true
I wish I could forget
How much I loved you

I know I'm not alone
And I've got what I need
This empty bed's a blessing
And I no longer bleed

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