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This song is by Deathboy.

Tick Tick Tick Tick
Tick Tick Tick Tock

Behind my eyes is a demon
With the face of a clock
One rotation takes a lifetime
We live in circles, inside a book

The Wheel turns, and we all burn
Like we ever give a fuck
And no excuses but to learn
I'll be better next time

One hundred-twenty-seven
Black and glistening teeth
I'll kiss you like a crocodile
My smile's a coral wreath

It screams "YOU GET BACK UP"
I say "I'm past regrets"
I say "I'd rather die now"

Let's make a perfect child
No, baby, let's make two
I'll give you triplets
Let's fill the universe with you

Let's call one Neversee
And call one Neverdo
Let's call one Speaknoevil
'Cause nothing's ever true

Rotties born with ballgags
To mothers in restraints
Cattle without voices scream
But you hear no complaints

Show me on the dolly
Where they they made you touch yourself
Save you from the paedos
For a future packing shelves