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Empathy Malfunction

This song is by Deathboy and appears on the album Forwards (2007).

This is the empathy malfunction
This is the social disconnect
We shed our skins to be belonging
And what we give is what we get

This is the empathy malfunction
Electrons make us all forget
We lie together, mix our systems
We misfire / we reject

Oh, we reject

I am the demon at your window
I am the devil at your door
I'll never leave, I never meant to
I never learnt to ask for more

I'll keep on tearing all your senses
I'll keep on tearing you away
You are my everything and nothing
You are the one who makes me stay

I see myself outside your window
I see myself outside your room
I'll climb the rooftops, fuck the neighbours
I'm coming, baby, be there soon

And we can scream out all the filters
And we can strangle this monsoon
I'll weather all your painful winters
I'm sorry, honey, be there soon

I never had some place to think of
I never had some place to be
This box was never home for long now
This place was never home to me

You're going through while I'm away
Tidy up remnants, I never meant to stay
Bitter memories
The sweets and paraloids
Brighter days

Brighter days

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