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This song is by Deathboy and appears on the album Forwards (2007).

Angels in blue dresses
Dance on all our might-have-beens
Telling lies and giving prizes
Wrapping ribbons round our scene

California highrise
Wrecking lives on high-def screens
Venting our frustrations
Over glossy magazines

Glisten in the tarmac
Bits and shards in backs of cars
Pretty splinters cutting fingers
As we linger in the park

Demons in our tongues
Will your saliva out-survive you
All the words we try to form
While we're connecting in the dark

Please pass back your paper
We'll consider while we rape you
In the strobing light
The children fight
Assessed by our behaviour

Pushing at your limit
Can I tie you to specifics?
If my genotype won't classify
You've gotta try to kill it

Energy is nothing
Kick the zeroes 'cause they're bluffing
And we are running out of re-cyc
Trust our lady of the fire

All the knives are in my chest
My crashing plane is when I'm best
There is a full negation
I am not, I am the liar

I'll hide from the sun for you
I'll put away this gun for you
There is no thing I would not do
No thing to make you smile

High on lies and consequence
I'm losing time in self-defence
The seconds coalesce
Into the hours of desire

Fall into the future
Am I used or did I use you?
Are we needy, are we greedy?
Did we build our own decline?

Both remain at zero
Kill your hate, I'll kill your hero
Feel it slip, another grip
Another life, another time

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