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This song is by Deathboy.

Let's cross another line
Fulfill another promise
Try to fill myself with wine
And wake up at the office

I don't think I work here
Don't recognise your face
I'm feeling quite disorientated
Wait, I know this place

Can I wander into your life?
You can take a walk in mine
Can I wake up in the desert?
Thirteen years, a lot of time

My science fiction soundtrack
Leaves a lot to be desired
All the diodes down my left side
Need to be rewired

If I'm making too much sense
You can whisper in my ear
Introspective providence
A consequence of fear

I'm a side-effect of
Genuflecting perspicacity
Are you my reward or reprimand?
It's getting hard to see

You know we're living in a sci-fi movie
Rutger Hauer's gonna walk right through next Tuesday

Young boys fall in love with their dreams
You're not a toy, but you're not what you seem

Lose my flow to this nostalgia
I'm sounding insincere
They say "we're so relieved we found you"
But I'm not really here

You're like emotional methadone
Feels like I lack the chromosome
A synthetic alternative
To being on my own

When I define myself, I find myself
Somehow lacking
Keep my displacement in the basement
Till I'm unpacking

Burst open packages of memories
And conversations
My black dog's become a product
Of domestication

But this is not the thing I am
And this is not what I will be
The thing you're pissing in the wind
Is your potential to be free

So fixated on the car-crash
Try to tear your gaze away
I don't need to be this man
DeathBoy's just a sobriquet

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