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This song is by Deathboy.

Build me a body
Out of spare parts
Left over switches
Left to gather dust

Rebuild everybody
We can repair hearts
A polling circuit
Gathers no rust

My baby's sleeping now
Maybe not all the time
Giving me anecdotes
Slowly replacing mine

My baby sparkles
Maybe not all the time
But in a darkened room
I can see just fine

I can see just fine

I can see just fine

We got all worried
Insecure and such
And all the bitterness
Well, it became too much

Somehow we missed
The bigger picture
How much I've loved you
How much I've missed ya

All the words I've tried to say
That beat a path from yesterday
My basement-dwelling predicate
Would only serve to obfuscate

And while we tripped up over words
Our circumstances seemed absurd
The lines were written to be blurred
And we will get what we deserve

You know we get what we deserve

We deserve

The silence witness
With the bloody lip
Defiant business
British citizenship

So who are we right now?
I know that I'm yours
My demons talking code
Cut deals on higher floors

So let's take a ride
And run with the dogs tonight
Dismantle all your pride
In suburbia

I'm standing by a bus stop
Holding a felt pen
The sirens sing a backing track
We're going there again

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