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Time To Kill

This song is by Death SS and appears on the album The Seventh Seal (2006).

I need a new religion
I need a substitute
I need a fuel injection
A brand new attitude

I need to be recycled
I need to get away
I need a fast mutation
Another fuckin' day

I cannot stand this anguish
I see my youth fly by
I need to change direction
I need a real life

Please take away
The pain I feel
It's time to change
There is no time to kill

Start the count down
As time stands still
If we don't want this to go away
There is no time to kill

I broke apart my assets
But I'm crawling off the ground
My head was filled with madness
'Cause I've passed all the bounds

A deepest shade of sadness
I'm tired of all these lies
I need to change direction
I need a real life

I wanna live
By my true will
Time running fast
And there's no time, no fuckin' time to kill

Rise up and light up the fire
Fight for your love and desire
Open your eyes and realize
Your life's a compromise

Don't let them stop your flight now
Don't let this world beat you down

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