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This song is by Death SS and appears on the album The Seventh Seal (2006).

I'm the leader of a family
Where all is clean
Where all is free

A new menace
A new therapy
Turn what we are
In what we'll be

Is just another step
Is just another level
And we will gain
Our piece of heaven

We will sedate your pain
We will reset your brain
We'll make you feeling well
We'll keep you far from hell

Hey! You! Join my psychosect
It's all that you need
It's what you'll expect

You'll be a part of new elite
With no barrier
And no defeat

You'll never have a liability
You just have
To trust me

Embrace this family
As a new religion
Obey our rules and pray

You'll cross the bridge
That leads to every freedom
But there's a price to pay

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