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To Drown A Rose

This song is by Death in June and appears on the album Brown Book (1987).

Hide from the sun
Life, an icy tear
Rivers of blood
Serenade my lungs

To drown a rose - To drown a rose

Will he hold my soul
Will he tear my heart
Will he - Will he
Will he rip me apart?

To drown a rose - To drown a rose

Decay of belief
And the highest doubts
We spill our blood
Too late to shout

How we burn
Why keep scum from knowing?
32 creases
Shot in the dark
A flame across the sea
We're going down in history

To drown a rose
To share a dream
The sickness of death
In your eyes - In your schemes

To drown a rose - To drown a rose

Like a crystal tear
I wait to betray
The lie across the sea
My hate is love to me

To drown a rose - To drown a rose

A shot in the dark
Perfumed and sweaty
Why do we mourn
Neutered and muddy?

To drown a rose...

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