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Born Again

This song is by Death In June and appears on the album NADA! (1985).

Stranger, I'll wait for you
Beneath the archway to never
Let's cease our
Constant wailings
For our prayers fall
On deaf ears
Her white skin
Shines through darkness
Taut with pleasure
Taut with pain
And her keeper
Always laughing, always laughing
And, I'll wait forever
For only you
The disappeared ones
And, the pain will last forever
For only you
That's how the dream goes on
Born again
He says
We'll be born again
But, into rats and hell
For a dollar death
But, that can't happen here!
No, no not again
No, no not again
And, later we'll be talking
Oh, you wonder why you die?
My head is filled with
Fallen statues
Slaughtered children
Fill our eyes

And, the skull is always laughing
Always laughing, always laughing
And I'll wait for ever
For only you
The disappeared ones
And the pain will
Last forever
For only you
The price of freedom
Born again
He says
That we'll be born again
Into rats and hell
For a dollar death
For your twisted mind
And, it will happen here
No, no not again
No, no not again

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