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The Guilty Have No Pride (1983)Edit

Death In June - The Guilty Have No Pride
The Guilty Have No Pride
  1. Till The Living Flesh Is Burned
  2. All alone in her nirvana
  3. State Laughter
  4. Nothing changes
  5. Nation
  6. Heaven Street Mk II
  7. The Guilty Have No Pride
  8. Heaven Street
  9. In the Night Time
  10. We Drive East
  11. Holy water

Burial (1984)Edit

Death In June - Burial
Side A
  1. The Death Of The West
  2. Fields
  3. Nirvana
  4. Sons Of Europe
  5. Black Radio
Side B
  1. Till The Living Flesh Is Burned (Live)
  2. All Alone In Her Nirvana (Live)
  3. Fields(Live)
  4. We Drive East (Live)
  5. Heaven Street (Live)

NADA! (1985)Edit

Death In June - NADA!
  1. The Honour of Silence
  2. The Calling (Mk II)
  3. Leper Lord
  4. Rain of Despair
  5. Foretold
  6. Behind The Rose (Fields of Rape)
  7. She Said Destroy
  8. Carousel
  9. C'Est Un Rêve
  10. Crush My Love
  11. The Torture Garden
  12. The Calling
  13. Doubt To Nothing
  14. Carousel Bolt Mix
  15. Last Farewell
  16. Born Again

The World That Summer (1986)Edit

The World That Summer
  1. Blood of Winter
  2. Hidden Among The Leaves
  3. Torture By Roses
  4. Come Before Christ And Murder Love
  5. Love Murder
  6. Rule Again
  7. Break The Black Ice
  8. Rocking Horse Night
  9. Blood Victory
  10. Death of A Man

Brown Book (1987)Edit

Death In June - Brown Book
Brown Book
  1. Heilige Tod
  2. Touch Defiles
  3. Hail! The White Grain
  4. Runes And Men
  5. To Drown A Rose
  6. Red dog - Black Dog
  7. The Fog Of The World
  8. We Are The Lust
  9. Punishment Initiation
  10. Brown Book
  11. Burn Again

The Wall of sacrifice (1989)Edit

Death In June - The Wall of sacrifice
The Wall of sacrifice
  1. The Wall of sacrifice
  2. Giddy Giddy Carousel
  3. Heilige Leben
  4. Fall Apart
  5. Bring in The Night
  6. In Sacrilege
  7. Hullo Angel
  8. Death is a Drummer

Ostenbraun (1989)Edit

  1. Les Cavaliers Du Crépuscule
  2. Heilige...
  3. The Congress
  4. SD XXI
  5. Östenbräun (Collaboration I)
  6. Nichts
  7. Blood By Despair (Collaboration II)
  8. Östenmarsch
  9. A Rose For SD (After She's Dead)
  10. Blood By Despair (Reprise)
  11. Triumph Of The Will

But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter? (1992)Edit

Death In June - But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?
But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?
  1. Death Is The Martyr Of Beauty
  2. He's Disabled
  3. The Mourner's Bench
  4. Because Of Him
  5. Daedalus Rising
  6. Little Black Angel
  7. The Golden Wedding Of Sorrow
  8. The Giddy Edge Of Light
  9. Ku Ku Ku
  10. This is not Paradise
  11. Hollows Of Devotion
  12. But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?

Rose Clouds of Holocaust (1994)Edit

Death In June - Rose Clouds of Holocaust
Rose Clouds of Holocaust
  1. Lord Winter
  2. God's Golden Sperm
  3. Omen-filled Season
  4. Symbols of The Sun
  5. Jerusalem The Black
  6. Luther's Army
  7. 13 Years of Carrion
  8. Accidental Protégé
  9. Rose Clouds of Holocaust
  10. Lifebooks

Black Whole Of Love (1995)Edit

Death In June - Black Whole Of Love
Black Whole Of Love
  1. Leopard Flowers
  2. Luther's Army
  3. God's Golden Sperm
  4. Accidental Protégé
  5. Omen-filled Season

Presents Occidental Martyr (1995)Edit

Death In June Presents Occidental Martyr
Presents Occidental Martyr
Side A
  1. 13 Years of Carrion
  2. Blood of Winter
  3. Lifebooks
  4. Symbols of the Sun
  5. Torture by Roses
  6. Hahahahahahahate
Side B
  1. Accidental Protégé
  2. Hail! The White Grain
  3. God's Golden Sperm
  4. Symbols of the Sun (Reprise)
  5. Leopard Flowers
  6. Punishment Initiation
  7. Bye

Scorpion Wind : Heaven Sent (1996)Edit

Death In June & Boyd Rice - Scorpion Wind - Heaven Sent
Scorpion Wind : Heaven Sent
  1. Love Love Love
  2. Preserve Thy Loneliness
  3. In Vino Veritas
  4. Paradise Of Perfection
  5. Roasted Cadaver
  6. The Cruelty Of The Heavens
  7. There Is No More Sleep
  8. Some Colossus
  9. The Path Of The Cross
  10. Never
  11. Message...

Presents Kapo! (1996)Edit

Death In June - Presents Kapo!
Presents Kapo!
  1. Wolf Wind
  2. Only Europa Knows
  3. Headhunter
  4. A Sad Place to Make a Shadow
  5. Lullaby To A Ghetto
  6. Hero Gallow
  7. The Rat and The Eucharist
  8. Wolf Wind - Reprise
  9. Only Europa Knows (acoustic version)
  10. Kopfjäger
  11. Wolf Wind (acoustic version)
  12. Ein Trauriger Ort. Der Einen Schatten Wirst
  13. Only Europa Knows (mantra)
  14. The Marble Cliffs

Take Care And Control (1998)Edit

Death In June - Take Care And Control
Take Care And Control
  1. Smashed To Bits (In The Peace Of The Night)
  2. Little Blue Butterfly
  3. The Bunker
  4. Kameradschaft
  5. Frost Flowers
  6. A Slaughter Of Roses
  7. The November Men
  8. Power Has A Fragrance
  9. Despair
  10. The Odin Hour
  11. The Bunker, Empty
  12. Wolf Angel
  13. Circo Massimo

Operation Hummingbird (1999)Edit

Death In June - Operation Hummingbird
Operation Hummingbird
  1. Gorilla Tactics
  2. Kapitulation
  3. Flieger
  4. The Snows of The Enemy (Little Black Baby)
  5. Hand Grenades and Olympic Flames
  6. Winter Eagle
  7. Let The Wind Catch a Rainbow On Fire

All Pigs Must Die (2001)Edit

Death In June - All Pigs Must Die
All Pigs Must Die
  1. All pigs must die
  2. Tick Tock
  3. Disappear in every way
  4. The enemy within
  5. We said destroy II
  6. Flies have their house
  7. With Bad Blood
  8. No Pig Day
  9. We Said Destroy III
  10. Lords of the sties
  11. Ride out!

Alarm Agents (2004)Edit

Death In June & Boyd Rice - Alarm Agents
Alarm Agents
  1. Untouchable
  2. Black Sun Rising
  3. You Love The Sun
  4. Tears OF The Hunted
  5. You Love The Sun, Dont You?
  6. Storm On The Sea (Out Beyond Land)
  7. You Love The Sun And The Moon
  8. The Summer Is Gone
  9. Deeper Than Love
  10. An Ancient Tale Is Told
  11. Are You Out There? (Dornier 17 Mix)
  12. Sunwheels Of Your Mind
  13. Get Used To Saying No!
  14. Symbols In Souls
  15. An Ancient Tale Is Told Again
  16. The Man Who Laughs
  17. We're All A Little Afraid
  18. Boyd's Gift

Free Tibet (2006)Edit

Death In June Free Tibet 2006
Free Tibet
  1. Death Books I
  2. This Is Paradise I
  3. Love Books
  4. Jerusalem The Black
  5. Daedalus Falling
  6. Death Books II
  7. This Is Paradise II

The Rule Of Thirds (2008)Edit

Death In June - The Rule Of Thirds
The Rule Of Thirds
  1. The Glass Coffin
  2. Forever Loves Decay
  3. Jesus, Junk and the Jurisdiction
  4. Idolatry
  5. Good Mourning Sun
  6. The Perfume of Traitors
  7. My Last Europa Kiss
  8. The Rule Of Thirds
  9. Truly Be
  10. Their Deception
  11. My Rhine Atrocity
  12. Takeyya
  13. Let Go

Peaceful Snow/Lounge Corps (2010)Edit

Peaceful Snow/Lounge Corps

CD1: Peaceful Snow Edit

  1. Murder Made History
  2. Fire Feast
  3. Peaceful Snow
  4. Life Under Siege
  5. A Nausea
  6. Wolf Rose
  7. The Scents of Genicide
  8. Red Odin Day
  9. My Company of Corpses
  10. Cemetery Cove
  11. Our Ghosts Gather
  12. Neutralize Decay
  13. The Maverick Chamber

CD2: Lounge Corps Edit

[all tracks on "Lounge Corps" are instrumental]

  1. Leopard Flowers
  2. Hail! The White Grain
  3. Break the Black Ice
  4. The Glass Coffin
  5. Kameradshaft
  6. Luther's Army
  7. She Said Destroy
  8. Heaven Street
  9. Jesus, Junk and the Jurisdiction
  10. Runes and Men
  11. But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?
  12. The Enemy Within
  13. Fall Apart
  14. Rose Clouds of Holocaust
  15. Idolatory
  16. Golden Wedding of Sorrow
  17. To Drown a Rose

Other ReleasesEdit


Other SongsEdit

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  1. Cathedral Of Tears
  2. Europa The Gates Of Heaven
  3. Europa: The Gates Of Heaven And Hell
  4. Many Enemies Bring Much Honour
  5. My Black Diaries
  6. The Accidental Protégé
  7. The Calling
  8. Unconditional Armistice
  9. Untouchable
  10. Zimmerit

Additional information

Band members:
Former members:
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About the artist:

Death in June are a post-industrial music group led by English folk musician Douglas Pearce, better known as Douglas P. The band was originally formed in Britain in 1981 as a trio, but after the other members left in 1984 and 1985 to work on other projects, the group became the work of Douglas P. and various collaborators. Douglas P. now lives in Australia.

Over the band's three decades of existence, they have made numerous shifts in style and presentation, resulting in an overall shift from initial post-punk and Industrial Records influence to a more acoustic and folk music-oriented approach. Although sometimes considered controversial (largely due to usage of themes and imagery relating to Nazi Germany), Death in June has become very influential in certain post-industrial music circles. Douglas P.'s influence was instrumental in sparking neofolk, of which his music has subsequently become a part.

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