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Home Of The Brave

This song is by Death By Stereo and appears on the album If Looks Could Kill I'd Watch You Die (1999).

Not gonna take it if you're givin it
You're gonna die for not livin it
Ain't gonna fake it
I don't believe in it
You know you hate it
You know you're feeling it
You're trapped inside a stupid world of self hate, self destruction
Your world
It's what you do before you die
Won't live forever, but I'll try
I'll push and shove, just get out of my way
Keep moving forward
Cause I won't stay
I won't stay

You know you want it, to be free
Our goal in common is the difference between you and me
We try to reach it and still we clash
When will we learn to make our difference our past?
Leave it behind
It's not the way
We have to move on
You take it your way, and I'll take it mine
We'll find each other again in time
Again in time

Not gonna take it
If you're giving it
You're gonna die
From not livin it

The same direction, the same path
Keep moving forward, make our life last
We'll keep on trying to keep up the pace so together we can burn down this place
We've got the power to take this place fast
If we work together we will learn from the past
We'll keep on trying to keep up the pace
So together we can burn, burn, burn down this place

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