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Hatred United / United Hate

This song is by Death Angel, features Andreas Kisser of Sepultura and appears on the album The Evil Divide (2016).

The vicious horde comes rushing
In with a deadly bond
Hell bent on dismantling the system
That they've been forced in far too long

It's televised, it's globalized
Our message is true
No compromise, no veiled bribes
Our hatred is you

No longer part of your process
No longer part of your plan
The segregation of the true outspoken
The reconstruction of man

This lethal swarm's descending
Death diving from great heights
Eradicate by annihilation
The blinding blast on this darkest of nights

You've been betrayed
From cradle to slave
Let's make a stand
We'll fight hand in hand

You've been betrayed
From cradle to slave
Gather your pride
We'll fight side by side

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