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Cause for Alarm

This song is by Death Angel, features Jason Suecof and appears on the album The Evil Divide (2016).

Cause for alarm, disaster looms
Choose not to see it but you know I'm right
Accuse, assault, then they're rewarded
Hunt you down in the broad daylight

As they engage and we're betrayed
Of our laws now dead for years
Then they'll divide us all and we'll surely fall
So blame yourself for all those feeble tears

Cause for alarm, impending doom
Sinking deeper into abysmal strife
They won't kill you now, no one will be aborted
Worthless dead, they want you all alive

You're labeled crooks, they're banning books
Censored news and poisoned pens
They keep you numb with drugs form exclusive clubs
The vicious cycle seems to never end

Shatter the silence by invoking violence
Stand up to the storm when you're in doubt
Go all out, your pride must be reborn

Human traps close
Mankind's emotions explode
From rights gone and lost
We'll keep fighting on
Self worth at any cost

Cause for alarm, nothing to lose
Don't go down without a proper fight
What they fear the most, united forces
Risking all to gain back what is right

Cause for alarm, the tides are shifting
They will hear the people have a voice
We'll fight for honor, we will fight for freedom
And we'll fight to have a fucking choice

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