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Freakin Out

This song is by Death and appears on the album ...For the Whole World to See (1975).

It's a scheme there's a fiend
Why is my head spinning round in a dream?
It's a time it's a place
Why are these lights popping up in my face

Or am I
Freakin out (x12)

There's a sign on the wall
There's a witch with a big crystal ball
There's an eye, there's a heart
That's pumping faster as we run through the park

Or am I
Freakin out (x12)

Everyone looks very strange today
All of their faces seem to be washed away

Everyone talking I can't hear a thing
I'm up on the moon
Why is the sky so green

I think I'm walking up the stairs
While I'm sitting right down in my chair
I feel so light, But I'm not
Everything's turning cold, but it's hot

Or am I
Freakin out (x12)

Or am I just freaking out

Or am I
Freakin out (x12)

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