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The Shaded Forests

This song is by Deastro and appears on the album Keepers (2008) and on the album Moondagger (2009).

When the back burner dies
And the fat lady sings
And your true love dances with plastic rings
I told you, we're gonna be fine
I told you, we're taking our time
When the wolf lays down to marry the lamb
He'll lay down his fangs, he'll lay down his plans
I told you, we're taking our time
I told you, you're gonna be mine

It was big, it was bright
It was wrong, it was right
It was dark, it was light
It was everything to me

Whom shall I fear?
We're gonna make it

We're gonna make it home



These lyrics apply to the original version. The Gift Giver's version has slightly altered lyrics.

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