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Kurgan Wave Number One

This song is by Deastro and appears on the album Moondagger (2009).

You told me that this love would never end.
It's got power like a crystal, power like a best friend.
Now I am tearing smoke from tubes and dreaming of you kissing these galaxies,
Like some song of an extinct bird,
I should have, I should have told you, but what can I do now?

Where were you when I needed you?
Where were you when I stayed up and waited? oh
Where were you when I needed you to stay?

I'll love you, girl, for all times
I'll love you, girl, till the end

I'll access the stars, I'll read between the lines,
Consort with scientists and maniacs oh to find
A way back home, a way back to your arms
A way to find our place in time.

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