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Keepers (2008)Edit

Deastro - Keepers
  1. Michael, the Lone Archer of the North Shore
  2. The Shaded Forests
  3. Light Powered
  4. The Goodman of the House
  5. The Green Harbor
  6. Wind Powered
  7. The Floating Cradle
  8. Leah's Daughter the Giraffe
  9. Open Up Ye Dark Gates!
  10. Child of Man, Son of God

Moondagger (2009)Edit

Deastro - Moondagger
  1. Biophelia
  2. Parallelogram
  3. Tone Adventure #3
  4. Toxic Crusaders
  5. Greens, Grays, and Nordics
  6. Day of Wonder
  7. Pyramid Builders
  8. Daniel Johnston Was Stabbed in the Heart With the Moondagger by the King of Darkness and His Ghost is Writing This Song as a Warning to All of Us
  9. Rivers of Life
  10. Vermillion Plaza
  11. Moondagger
  12. Kurgan Wave Number One
  13. The Shaded Forests (Gift Giver's Version)
  14. The Old and the Treacherous

Orange Swimmer Red Summer (2009)Edit

Orange Swimmer Red Summer
Orange Swimmer Red Summer
  1. Shield Whip
  2. Asteroid Goo
  3. Seven Fell from the Firmament
  4. Orange Swimmer
  5. Red Summer
  6. Encounter With Unknown Substance M
  7. Acid Dads Melting Public Pools
  8. Reaction to Substance M Causes the Rapid Growth of Consciousness
  9. Mutant Boy

Mind Altar (2010)Edit

Deastro - Mind Altar
Mind Altar
  1. Mind Altar
  2. Genesis Weapon
  3. Pastor Kid Redux Edition
  4. Mowgli the Lynx
  5. The Concept of Land Ownership
  6. Divali
  7. Get Frostied
  8. World of Shadow

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